Brand Admiration: the Unconditional Love You’re Looking For

by | September 9, 2016 | 285 Views

Man standing on street hear sign and searching for loveWe all know people who are loyal to a brand to a fault. Think about your co-worker who will only use an Apple iPhone or your best friend who will only wear Nike running shoes. So why do people unconditionally love these brands?

Marketing researchers have named this unconditional love brand admiration. It doesn’t happen by accident or good luck. Instead, companies work hard to build brand admiration by developing its three key pillars: trust, love, and respect. When all three pillars are present, customers, partners, and employees experience deep feelings of loyalty and become advocates for the brand. As a result, companies reap the benefits, such as explosive revenue growth and access to the best talent and partners.

Is you brand loved unconditionally? How can you build brand admiration? To find out, check out Brand Admiration: Why Some Brands Are Loved Unconditionally (and What You Can Learn From Them).