Learn the Way You Like

by | August 22, 2016 | 280 Views

The young businessman tries to solve problemsRemember when you were in elementary school and had to learn your times tables? How did you memorize them? Maybe you used flash cards with the equation on one side and the answer on the other. Or did you just write them over and over until they were ingrained in your brain? And when you had to memorize state capitals, did you sing a catchy song, or perhaps you associated the capital name with a picture of a person, place, or thing. Whatever methods you chose for these tasks—even back in elementary school—reflect your preferred learning style.

There are a variety of learning styles: Some people grasp concepts by visual understanding; others need to try things with their own two hands; still others are audible learners and pick up instruction just by listening.

Yet whether memorizing multiplication tables or developing marketing skills, most people learn best through a combination of learning styles, with information repeated and reinforced in multiple learning sessions. And effective training courses—whether in the school classroom or the corporate one—include all three learning styles so participants learn no matter which way they prefer.

You may not have to remember capitals anymore (thank goodness!), but learning never ends, so our goal at MarketingProfs is to extend education over time and increase the likelihood your marketers will retain and apply what they’ve learned. We give you the tools to successfully continue education for your marketers. That’s why all our courses include a variety of supplemental materials—audio transcripts, class notes, and other resources that address a range of learning styles—to increase success.

Now we’ve taken that approach to the next level by introducing workshops that deliver an even more dynamic learning experience. They start off with pre-learning to ensure a common knowledge base for all workshop participants. We’ve made our elearning more interactive, with questions and activities throughout that reinforce concepts and keep your marketers’ attention.

Next, your marketers will get to apply their newfound skills in hands-on workshops, where a facilitator answers questions and helps them apply what they’ve learned within the context of your business. Finally, participants will reinforce what they’ve learned through quizzes, periodic reminders, and online activities. Ongoing campaigns will continue the learning process.

We offer high-quality, relevant, current courses, programs, workshops, and interactive learning programs that drive behavioral change and deliver improved business results. Our systematic methods ensure user engagement as well as validation that actual learning has been achieved.

Check out these short demos for three of our courses that incorporate this new blended learning/workshop approach: